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I created 4 companies... now I'm adding contacts/clients. Is there a way to make enter the clients into all companies at one instead of adding them one by one... or even importing them into each company separately?
I want to do intercompany transfers and bill different departments/companies

Is it best to use companies or departments? Can a department bill another department? Can they have different reporting and banking info? I'm just trying to figure out the best practice before I add too much data and have to start over.

Anonymous 2015-01-12 06:50
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A separate department may have, for instance, a different location or bank account, however it has to have the same Tax ID. If the department has a different Tax ID then it becomes a new separate company.

Companies or departments under one account

If you are adding a new company or department under one account, then all clients and products are mutual. In every account type you may add an unlimited amount of departments, however separate companies may be added from the Basic plan and onwards.

You may add a new company or department to your account by going Settings > Company / departments > Add new company or add new department.

Separate department numbering

You may choose whether you wish to have separate numbering for each department. However, within one account, the software does not allow you to have two invoices with the same number per year. If you want to have separate numbering, it is best to add a letter or number that defines the department at the very beginning. That way every department will have separate numbering.

Companies as separate accounts

For every account you can add a new company as a separate account (they have different client and product base). Go to Settings > Company / departments > Add new company.

After adding a new company you can manage it using the same login and password, as well as switch between them easily.

2015-01-12 16:10

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